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Way to Africa is an organisation that promotes investment in Africa. We are ready to hold your hands and take you to Africa.

We have offices in the UK, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and other African Countries.

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Why You Should Invest In Africa

Young and growing population

Africa has population of more than 1 billion people, expected to double by mid-century, Africa offers an enormous potential market for your business. The young Africans are consumers who want the latest products, services and technology just like anyone else does, this means a you will have a bigger market for your business in Africa.

Money to spend

 African consumers and businesses spend a total of $4 trillion today. By 2025, McKinsey projects that household consumption will reach $2.1 trillion and business spending $3.5 trillion – a total $5.6 trillion in business and investment opportunities.

More Africans live in urban centres, which drive economic activity. Urban consumers in Africa, want a modern and quality shopping experience and they do have the money to buy what they want.

Stronger, diverse economy 

According to projections from the World Bank, nine of the 15 countries in the world with the highest rate of five-year economic growth are in Africa. Estimates show that Africa is likely to grow by 4.7 percent over the next five years. Economists expect much slower growth in places like the United States and U.K. over the next few years. China is increasing its investment in Africa and taking advantage of the opportunity presented by the growth in the African Region..


How Way To Africa Can Assist You

We provide the following services:

  • Business & Tax registration
  • Finding Accommodation
  • Office and meeting space
  • Banking solution
  • Business plan preparation
  • Marketing plan preparation
  • Business guidance
  • Facilitating investments
  • Employee recruitment
  • Visas/ Work permits
  • Business Partnering

How to Get Started?

Start to achieve your investment goals in Africa now with Way To Africa

Invaluable knowledge and insight into investment opportunities in Africa. Do not make a single move before contacting Way To Africa, I appreciate all the help in setting up my company.

Dr Mark Dewalt

- Brisbane

I was skeptical and nervous about investing in Africa, but the team has so much knowledge about opportunities and really open about the pros and cons it really made my decision making easy.

Anne Joyce

- Entrepreneur

Having lived in Europe for the past 20 years meant that I no longer had a good understanding of how business had progressed in my home country. Way To Africa are the perfect partners who helped to link me back to Africa.

Kofi Asamoah

- Director


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